Life Without a Helper

Every man created by God has a mission to fulfill on the surface of this earth, in other for us to complete that mission; we need to discover what we are in other to fulfill our destiny. Destiny entails so many things ranging from the physical to the spiritual, from material things to spiritual things. What then is destiny, in its simplicity; destiny is God’s purpose for your life. It is your appointed or ordained future. Destiny is what God has predetermined you to be and to become, in His divine will.

There are a lot of great men and women in the Bible who did not fulfill their God given destiny. They ended up aborting God’s plan for their life. I pray for you that you will not miss your destiny in Jesus name. They started quite well, moving in the right direction but a little while they were distracted, then they deviated from their path of destiny and ended in shame.
Therefore, for anyone to live a fulfilled life such a person must be an achiever and most achievers do pass through some difficult situation in life. Study Biblical examples like David, Ruth, Mephiboshet, Joseph and others who fulfilled their destinies, you will see the troubles that they pass through and God always sent a helper to them.

Know this dear reader; there is no one that can fulfill his/her destiny without a destiny helper. You need a helper; life without a helper is a miserable life. The reason behind the suffering of so many people today is simple; they have not met with their destiny helpers as a result they are still disconnected from them. You see a lot of dreams, vision, talent fade away all because their destiny helpers have not located them. If you are in this category your responsibilities now is to pray to God earnestly so that your destiny helper can locate you. There are people that God will use to help fulfill his purpose in your life. It could be one person or a group of persons. Samuel was connected to David and was anointed king. David fulfilled his destiny with the help of people that came his way even when Saul wanted him dead, Jonathan came up. Great men and various groups of persons that helped David kept coming on their own who were men of understanding 1 Chro 12:1-40.

When God releases your destiny helper, you will be in such a situation whereby people will be doing the work and you will be enjoying the benefits. Favor, opportunities, open doors will become your portion. All those you did not even think of will begin to show you favor. You will be connected from one destiny helper to another; they will be on queue just to favor you. Receive that grace in Jesus name.

Start to pray for destiny helpers, because there is nothing you can achieve without the destiny helpers because Jesus Christ also had destiny helper who ensured that, His destiny was fulfilled. They were His disciples and other great men and women.
Pray the following prayers.
O God I refuse to live my life without a helper in Jesus Christ name
O God, I will fulfill my destiny and no power can stop me in Jesus name.
I refuse to die like this; I will fulfill my destiny in Jesus Christ name.
I will start well and end well in Jesus name.
Any power assign by the devil to cut my mission short, catch fire now in Jesus Christ name.
Every form of distraction from the pit of hell to distract me or my helpers, catch fire now in Jesus Christ name,
Every yoke of suffering in my life, I destroy it now by the anointing in Jesus Christ name.
Samuel must anoint David, I decree now no one can take my inheritance in Jesus Christ name.
I connect myself to my helpers now; I receive the anointing to attract them now in Jesus Christ name.
Please add other prayer points as you are led. You are free in Jesus Christ name.


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