The Five Smooth Stones

For every one living on this planet earth, you have a giant to confront and they are giant like Goliath. In our present day they may not appear like the physical Goliath that appeared during the time of David but in a different form such as oppression, disappointment, unnecessary delay, fear, insecurity, loneliness, failure, poverty, betrayal, witchcraft manipulations, death and many others. Then in such a situation when you are faced with these giant what should you do and how can you overcome them? Because their mission is to bring you down in defeat we can still overcome like David if we still get our five smooth stones from our stream.

“He took his shepherd’s stick and the pick up five smooth stones from the stream and put them in his bag. With his sling ready, he went to meet Goliath”. 1 Samuel 17:40 (GNB)

From the scripture above we saw some important personal instruments that David had which included a shepherd’s stick, five smooth stones, a bag and a sling. These are the things we actually need to bring down every giant that comes our way. What then are the symbols of these things now in our days because they are still available for us to use.
Shepherd’s Stick: With the shepherd’s stick David was able to walk through the rough terrain in mountains, uneven land supporting himself so that he will not fall. It was the symbol of his work and profession. What is the symbol of your work; I mean what are you doing to earn a living? What you do matters a lot in life because you cannot sit down idle that is a giant itself. Get something doing now.
Five Smooth Stones: David had five stones and these five smooth stones stand for the following which I will be writing on in my subsequent work. These include Courage, Confidence, Preparations, Trust and Success.
Bag: With the bag he was able to keep the stones, where do you keep the word of God? The psalmist said “Your word O Lord have I hidden in my heart”. Therefore the bag here represents your heart. Your must be loaded daily with scriptures in order to succeed.
Sling: The sling is usually made from rubber and wood and for it to be effective it must be stretched. With a stone in it, you must stretch it to maximum and the stone will go far to hit the target. This speaks of our faith.

A mighty warrior that Goliath was, yet with the aid of the weapons that I have mention above, David brought a mighty warrior who was more than nine feet tall down. Though he was protected from head to toe by a suit of armor made of bronze. His armor could not save him, he died. Get these weapons now and you will be victorious. Watch out for my next write up on them.

I decree O dear reader, no matter how protected, how powerful that enemy confronting you maybe, no matter how long that giant has been dealing with you, they are coming down now in Jesus Christ name.
Every unknown Goliath destroying you, I expose them in Jesus Christ name.
I curse the weapons of the enemies against you to fail them now in Jesus name.
They will become your slaves from hence forth in Jesus Christ name.
Your victory is sure; receive your testimony in Jesus Christ name.